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PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 7:46 am    Post subject: Prometheus trust Conference 2019 Reply with quote

The Prometheus Trust is holding is fourteenth annual conference in Mancetter, Warwickshire, 28-30th June, 2019. Forum member are welcome to submit papers and/or book as attenders.

Philosophy and the Crisis of Truth

"Truth – the foremost of all blessings." – Damascius

Does the modern age have a crisis of truth on its hands? Not that truth itself is endangered – truth, after all, is just what it is – but our confidence in truth, our ability to know it, and our ability to stand on a common ground of truth with each other, is now called into question.
Why is this? Is it possible that those who should have been especially concerned with upholding and cultivating our relation to truth – that is to say philosophers – have been party to its undermining? Perhaps we have been set upon a course which began as a justified questioning of old certainties, but which has ended in a stormy sea of relativism, subjectivism, conspiracy theories, political "alternative facts" and anti-realism.
How can we join together to tackle the serious problems which are facing us if we cannot even agree that we share a common reality? At the very moment when virtually the whole human race can now physically communicate with each other through new technology, we seem to be losing the one thread that binds us together: a shared commitment to truth. What does the future hold for us if we share a common space, but no common ground?
How are we to respond to this crisis within the philosophic community and beyond?

This is a call for papers on theme of "Philosophy and the Crisis of Truth": as usual the Prometheus Trust is hoping that contributors will be drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, academic and non-academic, specialist and non-specialist, artistic, scientific, political, religious and philosophic.

The conference will be opened with a keynote address by Dr Brendan O'Byrne. The title of his address is: The Fate of Truth and the Anti-realism of the Current Epoch. "In this paper I describe the current anti-realist atmosphere that engulfs the western world and which threatens the health and longevity of our civilisation. This manifests most tangibly in the pervasive moral relativism that dominates the culture, which is in part due to the effects of classical liberal political theory under which the sovereign power supposedly disavows all concern with the good, confining itself solely to adjudicating disputes over rights. The deeper causes of this situation lie in the seventeenth century rejection of classical realism (Plato and Aristotle) in favour of an Empiricism and materialism founded on Nominalist assumptions. I argue that Nominalism is at the root of the crisis of truth which is our civilizational malaise, and nothing short of a normative return to realism can save the day."

On Saturday evening the Thomas Taylor lecture will be given by Professor John M Dillon. The title of his talk is: The Theory of Cosmic Truth in Plato: Does it have any Relevance to the World of Today? "This lecture examines first Plato’s doctrine of Truth, or Alêtheia, as a divinely-order structure of reality, the nature of which can be grasped by the human mind, as the result of a rigorous sequence of intellectual exercises. It is an entirely rational state of affairs which can in theory be realised politically, by a select few ‘philosopher-kings’. I want to raise the question as to whether any comparable state of affairs for the human race can be envisaged at the present day – bearing fully in mind the difficulties and dangers involved in pursuing such an ideal.”

Abstracts should be no more than 300 words and should be sent to at the latest by Friday, 5 April 2019. Acceptance of these will be confirmed as quickly as possible.

Papers should be around 2500-3000 words or 20 minutes’ presentation (we usually allow a further 15-20 minutes for a question and answer session after each presentation).
Bookings should be received by us not later than Saturday, 27 April 2019.

Tim Addey
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