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On The Theme of HAMLET'S MILL - Mark Stocks

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:48 pm    Post subject: On The Theme of HAMLET'S MILL - Mark Stocks Reply with quote

High Pete,

Hell low ! Ow ! Wer dew I start ?

Star tinge here a blue drip sign keeps appearing below my rit tinge

How do I get rit of it ?


Fall star t

Shall we start with some company ?

Okey doorkey and co !

Co met com et set er ra

Add mission and sub mission

Set man on his way

Eat set er ra and rock et man




ET see extra tear rest real


A comet ?

Sorry Pete I didn't know how this was going to turn out. I put my finger on the screen submit penetration and.


Fffffffffffffffffffffrom the groping vision

The breaking up of a well thought out e say

Sssssssssssss ay !

The weigh of the way

Testablishment eaten t t

And ba ba boo n beaten on the forehead

On a piece of pa pa

Bar bear eons tilt tillit

Pencelf in

Write now n noun

And down

To the crowned




Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h allo wing the cone fusion dome thing

Have we accessed cone fusion properly ?

Are we swayed by it ?

Do we avoid it ?

I don't feel it is too broad for this forum, but it is the focus of my fee linger which melts these impositions. It is the flashes of reading and then slowly digest the dying gestures of the harm on knee bouncy baby enjoying swimming swinging upon a tree drip life

Impoverished improvisation of a prepared MeAl

Myth er mouth er ma ma

Jee ! Oh ! Met trick !

Sit n eat

Sat a lite dish

See antenna point inout from sent er


Horny awe knot

Dominion oneon randome at once

And animation branch out


Monster and moonstars

How many stars are there on the dish ?

A huge Jawsus wide open and closed

And entranced into extinction

Into exit stink and shine

Thru the light of dwher water


The order offfffffffffffffffff er...

Cone she us


On what cone dish on...


Per haps

Golden thread

The under and over estimation of the Peepole Bubble in determinotaurnation

Puffing cheeks in and out

In celebration

Water n twine

Ssshhhhhhhh champ pain win

Ch ch imp pan n see

Dome mouth

Divine words

Awe divided

Into Mumary cone seep shine

And polish words data da da

Ga ga na na she

Like my finger linger on the dome screen

Dipping thru

Kkk k k kk kk k k kkk k k k lick thunder and lightning

Standing on the belly of anonymouse mountain with wet feet

Choose day north and south celfabration

Wed ness day

And the rest

Sat urn and sun

Pete a ring words harmony

And a blue peter flag

Flagging skin of sea n sky

A mast er of globe n sun

Mast er mate n bate

Cone troll click n mouse

Flash !

And a plain piece of paper

In memory of words

And silence


Ball point

Before the comet cometh

Take a deep breath

Rest fingers and thumb

Scissor ski saw icicle circle click quick ! ! !


The celebration

Invoke the whispering thunder

The epileptic apocalypse of the being

Awe Ra

Sorry I haven't read.....

I may have thrown myself into deep water here. I don't mean to cloud clout ow ! your already explicit passage, but I hope we are not missing the point. Except to the degree of a stone I shed astonishing light upon...

A globe


Tim e ye Add
Something else..


On hour know I shall cometh

On the dot com put er...


Let me see..


Absolutely in agreeffffffffffffffffffffffffffment

The breaking of the mbity sssssssssssssss kin nik sky skin

Pa ra ramp it up

The bar ra king

Barred itself

From itself

Thru itself

And back ra

The door in the sky


The door in-sight

The ear th awe

Fffffffffffffffffffrom fore um

Um ba ba rella and shady writing


Gorilla knuckle walking earth

A fist at the first knock knock

With bar in hand

A tap on the shoulder drip click

Mouse th um

Awe thor

Light ! nik ! ng !

Quick k kk kk k kkk k k k k kkkk kk k ! ! !

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h

Good buoy



The earnest earn a nest

Ness nestle into the gorilla glass

And see

The fizzdome of love

Ffffffffssssssssssssss t t



Entranced by the snake


The snake

Entranced ! ! !



The animation

Zoodome Science

And experience all the animals

The undermining and overwhelming of the sapprentice bubble wrap

From the coalmine and up

Into the ether

Each and every witch way

Twitch the mousel

Along the tram line trap

The whole muscle in front

Must cell

Eatself to itself

The same

The aim sealed


The Orther

As per tundere



Homo Sapien

A fine bo bo body

Bode deep

Per deeper per deep

Enter in twain wine

And sap



Come here iron claw finger


You open me can

Avoir woo orms

Common you iron fisted evil axe throwing

So and so


Thru me with all your weapons

Read my goggle eye bubble eye

That I am dotcom put back

Scissor trim like a bye cycling recycloops flying witch in the sky

Witch fingers

Copy that



Mate de bate

I am Just


Am I

Just a vulcan of spirit with a loud voice and an accuse stick and elect trick room !

Making volcanoes and thunder for the hell of it


Where ?

There man. Theremin and a max hand controlled pitch er globe !

Cone duct !

Me can I call !

Rubbing and beating the mouse

While blowing the screen

Mmmmmmmmm ow ! Ssssssssssssss

Mus sic

Rod dent and tilt by gnawing the ignawe

Point out the dome in the sky beneath my hand

Make a grounding

The east stab leash and a cowboy from the west make a copy

Disorientation of finger pressing waves making orients bear rings

From a far


A paranoid android with a me tall pole giving out broad

And back in formation

From Father a field

Etc etc


Hello Human Being

Sorry about all this Peter. Pan himself and got a bit carried away, but I'm back now.

So don't pan icc up or I'll be back again !

Anyway shall we piccup from where we left or am I talking bubbles ?


Human Being


Ssssssssssssss is that Jesus ?




Ow !

I Just

Bite my tongue







Hello halo

How !

Are you ?

Awe curst entwined !

Hey ! Fever

Who !

Are you ?

A drop of reign !

And clear



Sancire Himself

The collarhapse of his own values



A religion ?

The reliance on someone else's throat ?

The skin of a snake !

Learn how to strangle hold yourself

See the globe move from the throat and down to the belly

And back up thru the mouth and stifle sniffled in front

A fort I chewed the sky

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhh h ear t th word sworld

The sword point before the blade arc and shoulder the offence

See apbl aid the seed offffffffffffffff er

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm arc

Awe light ahead and thru throat throw at beefffffffffffffffforehead


As moon sun and urthru

Fffffffffffffffffffffff f ear and free zsssssssssssss

Gaseous words

Ng ! Lobe drop in and thru ignorance iglook

Iceek 'th and see t

Preservation of the Seeing

Collapse word 'th worth t

Thru the absolute locality of non local consiousness

Melt and come to land yourself back on the globe

Seated swirl yourself up and above your head


And re member

As a stick in the heart

A flag unfurling

In the globe

Let it augment the argument beeffffffffffffffffffore

And fine skin finer and finer sky

Let it swirl around you

And above you

Mark it as a sign

A way



Awe ridge in all



Upon Witch




Golden gol eden

Ye hover



Maiden eden

Protjection scene







Aid in

Fall and see

And be touched

Pure tshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And a porch

Mompop arch

March upside down

Seept tomber aqwuark the gargling earth

Mounth spoke thru heart beat

Pound pout mount above the He ad

She th th ffffffffffffffff aether

And liquid feet

Traveleth the spirit

All around

From within

The Globe

The Soul

Trance Parent

Face the fixed star


The stars

The sizzling comet compass towards the earth

The divided sky of skin eye sneyke nose dive in

The heart at steyke rise above

The trembling heart beat of the whole earth

She va wa treble swomb fold

Wing wink eye wit witness eye see thru

Protjection Infont Immaculate

See map ma pa pa arched starched and star shed

The spinning compass cometh on the glyphs edge of the sky

The swirling gumpass enter wineth


------ sssssee Ssssssssssssssee Ssssssssssssssee

The fixed star

Allow the piercing Father

The Sun and Dot

The Mother

Entranced and the heavens open

Ordered and ordained

The Divine Light

The Earth Immaculate

And a Halo




A huge floor flaw in the conscious sky

Awe a globe

Ffffffffffffffffff ate


Ffffffffffffffffff late

Awe all

Lateral vertex

Literal vortex con text

Con temp late awe ear lea fffffffffffffffff f all

Ng ! Lobe drop

Sound and seea

Ng ! reen n reed

Ba Ba lue drop

Urthurst con seep shine

Apl lob aplomb

Con cord

The whole universe

Untouched and aglow

A red nose

Come die

Nose dive divine

Alive !

The belly movement of the sky

Eden eaten

We aether Ba Ba hang !

A loud cry chorus

Sin sing stingy sting singe by a focused Sun

Ng ! Low and high

Open up the sky


And around we went

Ssssssssssssss till..


And a halo held ye breath by the skin of ye teeth


Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h over





Hearsay hearse

House mast er..

Chews a coloured horse

Pa Pa Patmos pat mass on the back

And drip into the sea

Mass dew ring

During witch

Mass chew wing


And rise

And chatter

The gold teeth halo

Remove the chew er..

From the halo

And protject the halo

The Divine Halocaust

The Supreme Cause

The Universe






Mmmmmmmm ox stox in a box

Unfold the flat box

Fffffffffffffffff old

An and a..

Fffffffffffffffff hoot hold

The Patmosphere

Pa Pa ate us and left us

With Apparatus

Mmmmmmmmm arch the measured thread

Magician gimmick

Age ch age ch age ch

And Jane Joinus

Gimme some change

Gimmick ick up

The Divine Halo cost a fortune teller

And a glass gob stopper

Glass arch charge angel with a mess age and a mass chew until..

Chain ch ate attered

Scattered teeth smile across the sky

And stars appear in harmony

Eten t t

Comet comb teeth count tieth time bpmombp sssssssss t t attick cloud clout and chaotic birth

Pang !

Awe thru the holes in the clear sky

A den dome sky and fine braided golden heir

Flying planets any colour you like

Awe black holes swirling at the tip of the warhorses snout


Witch pot ?

Pure bwillaird soldchair and fought for focus

Food for thor t t

Drip and drink the golden dread

Th ink I see

Th read klink link likkle stars like vizzdome Ng ! Gnome numbair !

Free bwill point and provide free air

Fffffffffffffff Reece !

Mark et a com et

Comet cometh jewel

The value of paying attention

Share the same Me all

Divide the Divine

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh rith met tick

Cue it

Net it

Ruth th t t ruth urthru

Trance Parent cry stall ball

Keep your eye on the birth Pa Ba Ba Urth hhhhhhhhhhhhh

Shine your jewel face sssssssssssmmmmooooth

And melt the mouth of divident

Thrife strife thunder and thaw the sky

Pie in the sky melt like butter knife dive

Fry free th drop and fly diva

Fourge horse fourk lightning

Both hands covered and uncovered right

A way beforehead leashe

Left a way

Rife wife for you I give

Forgiven beforehand

Pure touch with knife like focus

Dish tschhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Ssssssssssssee Sssssssssssssee Sssssssssssssee

Ssssssskkkksssssss Ssssssskkkksssssss Ssssssskkkksssssss

Tik Tik Tik kssssssssssssss

Tik tok kon nok nik nek k kkk k kk k t t

Give us a break k !

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h

Ham I eye !

I say and throw at urthroat whispering vices whizz by like the births of all people at once on a sublime shiny stone breathing the faces clear

Chewall dovine will wall gone awol by design

Take away de sin of de wirled

List en sin sil hence

Sibyl hence tongue nok nok in the skies river

In disguise

Clock the silent words flying ear around the rock

Peter ring petal words drip dew well in gold engagement

A little crash across sacred sea graze

Kiss the water petal pout

Metal boats and wooden boats mast sail and in a flicker the lightning tree reach out carrying and carving the names of human animation across the sky of rocks water

Floor o fill with chlorophyll

Mast er fffffffffffffffffff root

The upright skin of the water rise

Use it as a pen sil on aquarry Papar

Pen slit tilt the four corners of his seat

Sqwuarling writing

Wind sail across and sin away

Breathe Para wreathe rit in gold leaf

Do your beast

With spearit gold pmen

Let it swirl in your hhhhhhhhhhhhhh heir

Drink it gold pman

And be done


The mist stick writing in the sky

Ng ! Host drip vapour trails in the sea

Sign your name across my heart

And mark it


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