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The passion for philophy anxiously glances about itself.
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mixta et adulterata is analogy

It is more like a nightmare, than like a path painted by the sunshine of human knowledge, when we can not keep our grip on the determinations that we must make, and so become vague and useless to ourselves. As though we moved, with clearest fiery eyes, in the remote twilight of philosophy. But, it is just in listening closely, that we must let the finest distinctions claim us. And so be our pilot. So when the ship drifts between the jutting rocks, in the most crumpled and sharp water lanes, only the invisible gleam of light that rests on the ripples will reveal the bases of the stones bellow, while our sailing becomes more difficult and dubitative. This, I believe, is already demanded of us by Socrates, who was no perfector, but a searcher far away for the hidden things.

Now, I appreciate this beautiful contrast, of the true things and the killing of Socrates by the Athenians. For it gives us the range of being, in its full scope, as it was for the Greeks. And yet, one must have alive in one the flow from the furthest regions which brings warm waters to cold, as a Caribbean to an English island thaws frozen human attitudes.

In the case of the length of strings and their tones it is not clear that one speaks in the mixed and adulterated manner of analogy when one adds the difference of number (seen with its look), which is counting number, drawn from the emperia of the strings, rough experience of the things that are not always the same, of the false things, as it were, and number (noetic, invisible and like the vampire's teeth), as what is always, and like the equal that is equal, and being equal itself is the true equal. For the true equal, or the true number, is the very same as number or equality itself. But, for Plato, unlike Aristotle, he who perfected his teacher, this true world is still living, and it is not absolute. Plato, it is said, shows at least three different solutions to the problem of the ideas, in the course of his dialogues, though according to Aristotle, he favoured only one of them, that of the regress. Plato is not yet moving in the field of a fixed truth. Socrates speaks of knowledge, and for him this is a labyrinth. For he says that man must seek to be man. This is his highest wisdom, for which the Athenians kill him. But, this wisdom is only an opinion, a forbidden opinion, in an illiberal society where opinions are dangerous. Among other considerations we come to see here that the Socrates of Plato is still thinking, and that means the beings of which he opines are still in question. Because we live standing amidst utter piffle, in free speech, we have troubles with the greater illliberality which is the boundary of common sense, which demands that we say the things that are sound. Even though, and perhaps like a Chinese Finger Toy, moreso here, where we know that common sense is under question. Most of all, by Plato.

Philosophy sees outside the hoop levitated by common sense; there it anxiously attacks itself recoiling in repugnance from rest.
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