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Breaking Asunder The Harmony
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Mark Stocks

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 7:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Hearsay hearse

House mast er..

Chews a coloured horse

Pa Pa Patmos pat mass on the back

And drip into the sea

Mass dew ring

During witch

Mass chew wing


And rise

And chatter

The gold teeth halo

Remove the chew er..

From the halo

And protject the halo

The Divine Halocaust

The Supreme Cause

The Universe






Mmmmmmmm ox stox in a box

Unfold the flat box

Fffffffffffffffff old

An and a..

Fffffffffffffffff hoot hold

The Patmosphere

Pa Pa ate us and left us

With Apparatus

Mmmmmmmmm arch the measured thread

Magician gimmick

Age ch age ch age ch

And Jane Joinus

Gimme some change

Gimmick ick up

The Divine Halo cost a fortune teller

And a glass gob stopper

Glass arch charge angel with a mess age and a mass chew until..

Chain ch ate attered

Scattered teeth smile across the sky

And stars appear in harmony

Eten t t

Comet comb teeth count tieth time bpmombp sssssssss t t attick cloud clout and chaotic birth

Pang !

Awe thru the holes in the clear sky

A den dome sky and fine braided golden heir

Flying planets any colour you like

Awe black holes swirling at the tip of the warhorses snout


Witch pot ?

Pure bwillaird soldchair and fought for focus

Food for thor t t

Drip and drink the golden dread

Th ink I see

Th read klink link likkle stars like vizzdome Ng ! Gnome numbair !

Free bwill point and provide free air

Fffffffffffffff Reece !

Mark et a com et

Comet cometh jewel

The value of paying attention

Share the same Me all

Divide the Divine

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh rith met tick

Cue it

Net it

Ruth th t t ruth urthru

Trance Parent cry stall ball

Keep your eye on the birth Pa Ba Ba Urth hhhhhhhhhhhhh

Shine your jewel face sssssssssssmmmmooooth

And melt the mouth of divident

Thrife strife thunder and thaw the sky

Pie in the sky melt like butter knife dive

Fry free th drop and fly diva

Fourge horse fourk lightning

Both hands covered and uncovered right

A way beforehead leashe

Left a way

Rife wife for you I give

Forgiven beforehand

Pure touch with knife like focus

Dish tschhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Ssssssssssssee Sssssssssssssee Sssssssssssssee

Ssssssskkkksssssss Ssssssskkkksssssss Ssssssskkkksssssss

Tik Tik Tik kssssssssssssss

Tik tok kon nok nik nek k kkk k kk k t t

Give us a break k !

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h

Ham I eye !

I say and throw at urthroat whispering vices whizz by like the births of all people at once on a sublime shiny stone breathing the faces clear

Chewall dovine will wall gone awol by design

Take away de sin of de wirled

List en sin sil hence

Sibyl hence tongue nok nok in the skies river

In disguise

Clock the silent words flying ear around the rock

Peter ring petal words drip dew well in gold engagement

A little crash across sacred sea graze

Kiss the water petal pout

Metal boats and wooden boats mast sail and in a flicker the lightning tree reach out carrying and carving the names of human animation across the sky of rocks water

Floor o fill with chlorophyll

Mast er fffffffffffffffffff root

The upright skin of the water rise

Use it as a pen sil on aquarry Papar

Pen slit tilt the four corners of his seat

Sqwuarling writing

Wind sail across and sin away

Breathe Para wreathe rit in gold leaf

Do your beast

With spearit gold pmen

Let it swirl in your hhhhhhhhhhhhhh heir

Drink it gold pman

And be done


The mist stick writing in the sky

Ng ! Host drip vapour trails in the sea

Sign your name across my heart

And mark it

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