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A Small Note on the Way to Nihilism and Thinking

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redundant fallibility

PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2015 5:09 am    Post subject: A Small Note on the Way to Nihilism and Thinking Reply with quote

Answer to a common materialist, of rather petty, put not peculiar character, on a forum:

Corresponding to the vulgar view the poster asserted: “a neutral, material universe in which we are but a tiny, transient and insignificant part is actually liberating.” He made several other remarks of no consequence, but I give my answer which I hope may be of some use, to those more open to thoughtfulness and the contingencies of thought as such:

To begin with, look at George Berkeley, and the other so-called British Idealists. They are called empiricists. Why? Because they base their thought on experience, that of the sensorium.

The word material relates, in philosophy (but the meaning is carried over to the most average among us, I mean those with no special training) to something called philosophic materialism. It’s a general theory that says that with the mind we can know more than what we know just with the senses. The claim that there is ‘perception,’ if it is left to common sense, surely does not imply, for instance, neutrality. Each of us judge the things we perceive quite differently. We essentialize to use the extremely-vulgar term I believe is now most in vogue. The ‘neutrality’ is derived from the idea that the first principles, that there are contradictions in logic (and not just in logic, but even for those who never studied it), for instance, are held by all sound-minded persons. The objectivity means the same as that all reasonable persons will understand it this way.

Nihilism has something to do with bringing the things that “convulsed” mankind, concerning evolution, concerning the transformation of all natural kinds, over to reason itself. To meaning as such. To what we take most for granted because it is so close to us and seems most true. One must build up to a thoughtful encounter with so-called nihilism, it is not a widespread and liberating belief like Islam or modern western materialism. It is not something that one can understand tout court, as is the meaning of the words ‘neutral universe.’ A parrot could say the words, but the parrot would not understand them, we do.

There is something else called these days by the silly title 'naive realism', which was always known but taken for granted, but it can not possibly support a general or metaphysical claim to KNOWLEDGE of so-called neutrality or anything like that. Such claims must be based on the soundness of the logical mind, or an exemption form the 'sovereignty of becoming' or evolution.
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