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2014 COMPETITION: Winning & Highly Commended Poems

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Alan Edward Roberts

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 4:50 pm    Post subject: 2014 COMPETITION: Winning & Highly Commended Poems Reply with quote

The winning poem in the Insight Poetry Competition on the theme of Beauty is by Susan Whittall of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire:

May 15th

Look - the swifts are here!
Cherry blossom picks the pink
out of a ragged magnolia.
Lilac nods gently in tune
with two beds of tulips.
Orange blossom chats with three late daffs
and kerria plies its way
across the fences.

Autumn's fireworks are lost
in the ground cover
of periwinkles, bluebells and forget-me-nots,
and an odd little geranium shows its shadow-shy face
among the cornflowers.

All this. All this and the memory
of yesterday's blushing bullfinch
not two feet away from me.
One heart can't hold all of this,
can't hold so much spring
falling so casually into the arms
of an unknown summer.

Each of the nine other Highly Commended poems are posted below.

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Alan Edward Roberts

Joined: 26 Nov 2008
Posts: 194
Location: Twickenham, London, UK

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 6:11 pm    Post subject: Highly Commended poems Reply with quote

Each of the following poems has been Highly Commended in the Insight Poetry Competition.

The order of posting is not significant - and follows the order in which entries were submitted:

From Distant Star

‘From distant star I’ve come to be with you.’
In beauty’s light my love thus spoke to me,
Her face and form so full of radiance, who
Would guess she’d crossed the interstellar sea
And sought through aeons for this tiny Earth,
That she might join her soul’s companion here?
What happiness was mine to tell her worth
And spend five decades with a wife so dear!
Her being’s beauty grew from day to day
And brought forth progeny so fine and fair
It seemed to rival her and to portray
The just results of piety and prayer.
‘She’s dead and gone, poor man!’ Not so, my friend,
For beauty born of goodness knows no end.

..... Arthur Farndell
(London, UK)

Canal Walk

Step into this orchestral day:
this woodwind blowing, reed dancing,
lock-gate swaying, leaf skittering,
water trickling, cycle whirring,
sheet billowing, duck diving,
hay baling, swallow swooping,
hair tickling, face licking,
willow kissing, skinny dipping,
double pistol packing
apple clonking, boat barging,
lock cranking, gate spurting,
ring pull fizzing,
berry staining

..... Susan Whittall
(Worcestershire, UK)

The Crossing

Cellophaned-flowers and photos
tied and stuck,
twine their way up
an everyday lamp post,
as high as earth bound hands can reach.
This totem, so close to the crossing,
gifts yet more flowers and gentle tea lights
at its base.

Every town-bound walker,
every city-bound driver that passes,
is silently arrested.

Yesterday his friends stood
and hugged and cried
amongst the offerings they had brought
and placed.

They have all lost their friend.
The earliest of summer sun
is still with them.

But their beautiful friend
has gone.

..... Susan Whittall
(Worcestershire, UK)

Lorikeets in a Tree at Dusk

Lorikeets in a tree at dusk
shout each other down
in one big ball of sound.
Never did so many interrupt
quarrel and beseech
multiply their screech and squawk
with such an argument of talk
or bristle from one station
a thousand conversations.
These racketeers have none the less
made themselves a name:
totems of a Queensland street.
As the planet slides around
they invite the night with sound,
a beauty hard to beat.

..... Nana Ollerenshaw
(Queensland, Australia)

I Found Myself …”

I found myself, one winter afternoon,
Atop a bluff above a blue blue sea.
I saw a sky so vast, a sinking sun,
And all was framed by bluff-top bush and tree.
And as I stood before this light-filled scene,
So still and clear, beyond all space and time,
All things to come and all things that had been,
Were held at once, within this heart of mine.
In Beauty’s light there was no place to hide;
The dream-like shades all simply fell away:
No fear, no shame, no desperate grasping pride;
I stood alone and shone as bright as day.
This is Beauty’s way, this is Beauty’s call,
Revealing herself, deep within us all.

.....Andrew Russo
(Victoria, Australia)

The Moment

I was sitting
surrounded by my world
when I saw you.

Eternal beauty,
timeless youth,
the goddess made manifest.

My heart was joyful,
the moment was golden,
my vision was clear.

Then I went back to my world.

.....Martin Lubikowski
(London, UK)

Beauty’s Sonnet

Ubiquitous in nature, actions, art,
I have no permanent form to reveal.
To lead your search for the good is my part:
To charm the mind and affect how you feel.
More inviting to mankind than knowledge;
Love of me reveals a path to my source.
Colour, line, space and sound are leverage
Towards true well-being in life’s short course.
As wrapping paper hides a present, does
Sparkling water hide my reality.
Not to be found in the superfluous,
My signs are imbued with economy.
In the twinkling of an eye your presence
Becomes mine, and that of our shared essence.

.....Pamela Douse
(London, UK)

The Beauty of His Holiness

He who leads the way,
Who comes to meet you
In your Heart.
In Love, he gives Love,
And calls Love forth.
Whose words are Blissful,
Whose sound is deep,
Deeply reverberating
In the deep places of one's Being.
Whose Presence awakens,
Whose smile melts
And relaxes me into a smile.
Whose laughter
Invokes gladness and joy.
Whose answers call forth,
Echo and reflect,
Disturbing deep places of knowledge.
In the heart a flower opens.
This Man I can Trust.

.....Ralph Lennard
(London, UK)

The Visitation

I watch the steely edge curl off each chip,
scalloping curves in the foamy grain of elm;
flakes of moon would leap, then pattern the floor.
Pausing, I hold up the work to my purposeful gaze,
while a weariness presses upon sinews and brain
and makes doubts stir; - whose eye would behold ?
And I rubbed my eyes, for my vision had blurred,
when a Presence, immense and so gentle,
shone, lovelier even than Her Florentine form.
“How … how come … You ? … are here?” awestruck, I;
“Ah; Love attends the creative act” She, smilingly sweet;
“and your searching heart drew here my breath,
that you may know; - where there be Love, there Beauty’s found;
for a joy for ever springs, from such sacred ground.”

…..Robert Hedges
(Oxfordshire, UK)
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