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Joydev Nandi - An Invitation to a Party

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:03 am    Post subject: Joydev Nandi - An Invitation to a Party Reply with quote

An Invitation to a Party
(Disclaimer: All data and names are poetic)

When I had this invite, to come to the tutorial of Yamas and Niyamas of the tantric heart’s night
To join or not to join, to be in it or not to be; that question popped in my mind.
Hesitation, what? Have I nothing to contribute, just a fumbling nerd or more
Or is it agarophobia, the fear of meeting a strange group of people, or just the wish to stay hiding in my comfort zone?
And did not that ever smiling Ken encouraged that at least you would meet a few beauties
Should not that be the reason enough, and may be even lucky enough to get quite a few nice huggings?

I was not so sure, but then I thought of my recent poem, importancing the state of not cowering in fear:
“Let this be the rhythm of your life, Joydev; be a Hero, and never ever panic, cry or despair”.
As also our lovely, luminous yoga tutor’s express wish, even in the case of all kinds of fire,
Expecting us all to be happily present on this occasion rare, even if you have to be a night club belly-dancer!
So late in the afternoon, I quickly made up ‘A Game Playing Verse for the Evening of the Tantric Heart’
Also bought some bunches of red roses, put on a new shirt and thus ready, went bravely to take my part!!

I am sure glad that I went. First I met Diana as I entered the hall and gave her copies of my Verse of Game
And she was very supportive. Then I met our David and O’Neal who were regulars for such party games
And then I saw our Adriana in a beautiful red dress, looking even more irresistibly beautiful and very pert,
Whose heart may be as soft as the breast, and reassured me that I had her support straight from her heart.

Thus I joined the party with full confidence, though fully aware of my weak repertoire of dancing poses of Mr Bean
Not to mention of my voice, or being with no partner. But when I saw those moving Shivas of 21 adorable boys
Choreographed in devotion, and chanting in Sanskrit, I was overwhelmed. And what about those bevy of beauties
I met every one of them and did I not wonder, love and adore them, all and sundries.

Everyone was like a goddess, I should have remembered their names; but then why not reinvent?
Truth? But then, did not Brahaman say that, that becomes the truth what-so-ever says a politician or a poet.
Did I not see our Ariana wearing her enchanting smile bathed in beauty, framed in by beautiful long curly blondy hair
And half-opened lips, wafting that angelic aroma around for miles and miles and miles in the air
That gift for the fortunate rare few to catch and to caress for ever and ever and ever in awe and wonder.

Or our Madonna, oh, what beautiful washboard tummy and streamlined botty, looking as wonderful as a butterfly
With newly grown coloured wings, lifting me up along gently on her flights into the unknown magical mystery.
Or what about our irresponsibly beautiful leading shining pole star, Sandy, of the tantric spiritual path,
I dared hug the beauty, not the usual perfunctory non-touching-polite hug; but as if my heart really wanted to touch
And pressed into her mystique tantric heart. Was I in a trance,I felt for a moment as if everything else in the Universe
Unreal; as if this the only reality, this feeling of feelings of heart-touching- heart, eyes drinking in the nectar
Of the beauty of her eyes. I thought, aren’t at moments like these eternal moments are born
When and where new realities, in another existence of astral planes, are constantly formed and reformed.

Momentarily, I felt as if I am immersed in an Ocean of joy and beauty and light
I felt as if I had that long lost StarTrekVoyager, picking up our Super-Storm Sandy chasing Santa in my cosmic flight,
Revisiting those distant galaxies, meeting those meditating ancient sages, forming the constellation of the Seven Stars,
Revisiting my long forgotten own abode in the Andromeda’s distant splendid Spirals.

Where conscious Life evolved and transformed into higher forms of life millions of years ahead of man
Where I had this Cosmic Space-0-Mobile like a one-stop-all-inclusive Caravan,
A dwelling palace almost as big as the Earth, with artificial mountains like the Himalayans
A simulated desert like the Sahara and an active volcano like Etna programmed to erupt to plans
With frolicking parties like Silvio’s Bunga-Bungan; an indoor swimming pool like the Pacific Ocean
A sacred stream like the Ganges, swiftly flowing and babbling through my beautiful garden, like the Eden.

But, then as suddenly, as if struck by the rapid of some furious blinding striking lightnings,
I was violently jerked back into my old junkyard of garbage and rubbish, of the opposite polarity, of the coverings
Of my comfort zone; and to sleep, to die, as Shakespeare says,
Perchance to dream; to die, to sleep, to sleep into the limitless infinity of nothingness.


Joydev Nandi
(Poem presented this term to the School's Saturday morning Discovering Poetry group)
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