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Leonie Humphreys

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:05 pm    Post subject: Economics from the heart Reply with quote

I posted this initially some time ago, but deleted it. I found it again and feel that these ideas are particularly relevant at the current time, so here it is again:

Economics from the heart: including the feminine in economics

Why have we got ourselves, our communities and our relationship with nature into such an almighty mess? It is becoming more and more obvious to more and more people that something radical needs to be done about it, urgently. But what and how? What is missing from our societies that has allowed the global capitalist economic system to drive everything we do?

Ultimately what seems to be missing from economics is heart, the feminine. First we need to work from the heart, before effective reforms will be possible. The vision and aims of our economic systems need to be developed from the heart, so that everyone benefits. Economics needs to become about cooperation instead of only about competition; about sharing and taking turns, rather than individuals and groups scrambling to get as much as possible for themselves at the expense of others and the environment. Our principles and policies need to be inclusive, not exclusive.

Fundamentally this is an essay about connecting with the heart, about love, and I am going to let Kiesha Crowther do the talking, and I hope it inspires comments from both men and women. There is so much in her book, and I haven’t finished it yet, but the following quotes are powerful reminders of the importance of the feminine.

As Kiesha Crowther puts it in her book ‘Message for the Tribe of Many Colors’:

The awakening of the sacred feminine: For a very long time now, there has been an unmistakeable imbalance on Earth in the way we relate to each other. Human society has been driven by power, mind, and force for millennia, and for much of human history, women have been treated no better than chattel, as property to be owned, coveted, controlled and dominated. So-called feminine qualities, such as tenderness, compassion, receptivity, cooperation, and humility, have been viewed as weak and as inferior to so-called masculine qualities such as competitiveness, aggression, dominance, individualism, and self-sufficiency. Men, and masculine qualities, have controlled the values and the organization of human society for so long that it seems like the natural order of things; we cannot remember a time when it was different. Yet the problem is not the masculine qualities but the imbalance between masculine and feminine. It is time for a major change.

The problem is the imbalanced masculine, not masculinity itself. This is where mind, ego, and power rule over the heart and feeling – where the body is not valued and cherished, and living things are seen as separate from spirit, the divine, the sacred. Softness, gentleness, receptivity, love, humility, and compassion are not valued and rewarded. If you look around, you’ll see that the treatment of women and the treatment of Mother Earth have gone hand in hand. Both have been disrespected and abused, and their true gifts, power, and beauty have been suppressed and controlled. We are in a state of imbalance that is killing Mother Earth and making humanity sick. The feminine wisdom and power, which in many ways is the power of unconditional love, long kept down and dormant, must rise again to lead us back into balance.

The role of Men and the Masculine: The feminine does not mean only women; it lives in men, as well, and men have a special role to play. The sacred feminine qualities will blossom in men’s hearts just as much as in women’s and many men already embody the feminine qualities in balance with masculine qualities. The role of the masculine in relation to the sacred feminine is very important. For many men, it will mean becoming protectors and tender stewards of the feminine – of the Earth, of women, of children, of that which is soft and innocent and vulnerable. Men will use their strength, their will, and their minds to serve the sacred balance of life, to serve Love, to act from their hearts, knowing the great beauty they are helping to protect, restore, and care for.

The masculine will be restored to its sacred and essential place when it is reconnected to the heart and recognizes its ancient longing to serve and protect the sacred feminine. These men will be fully connected to their emotions and will be warriors of Love, strong and capable and courageous. They will not need to dominate or be driven by ego and control. They will gladly work in the background and allow the feminine to regain her voice and share her wisdom. They will be open to receiving and listening, not just to speaking and actively doing. This is not just a fantasy, this is what will happen and must happen on planet Earth for there to be balance and harmony.

In truth, both the masculine and the feminine are in need of deep healing if we are to come to balance on planet Earth. ......

If we want to awaken and heal the feminine, we first need to have a relationship with Mother Earth. The Earth truly is our mother. .... Most people in the Western world are taught to pray to the Father – and many religions teach this. But how many people are taught to pray to Mother Earth, to thank her and love her like one’s own mother, to go to her for help? ... The feminine was erased from the religion entirely. This neglect has been a huge loss and a vast mistake for human beings, cleaved as we are to our Mother every moment of our lives in the most basic way.

I do not mean to imply that Mother Earth (or the feminine, for that matter) is always sweet and gentle in some sentimental, idealized way. Mother Earth can be destructive and angry. She can be impartial ..... Yet she is the Everything in which we have our lives and our breath. .....

Loving Mother Earth goes hand in hand with bringing the feminine and masculine back into balance, with loving and valuing the feminine qualities in men and women. The two are not separate. .....

The feminine is where we learn qualities of tenderness, compassion, beauty, and love. Without the return of the feminine, we will continue to go to war and kill each other, to deny the needs of others and the realities of other’s suffering, and focus on protecting only ourselves and our own needs. The feminine is the one thing that can save us because it reflects a changing of the heart.”

Imagining a beautiful world: .... imagine with the mind of God what kind of world you would like to see. Imagine something worthy of your highest spiritual being, worthy of the human heart. When you enter into this empty black space of the All, what will you bring into being? I often imagine a time when human beings truly feel their oneness of being with the Earth, all her creatures, and each other. We take care of each other and want to share any abundance or goodness we have. All the false boundaries are broken down, and we come into a new kind of human family. We live not for what will make the most profit or give the most prestige but for what will increase the overall beauty, health, and happiness of all beings. This includes our precious Mother Nature. Because we do not feel small and limited anymore, there is no need to serve one’s own ego or to protect what is one’s own. Because we are no longer motivated by greed, we use all our creativity and intelligence to solve the problems we face. We find solutions; we find a way to live in harmony with nature and to feed everyone on the planet. It is a universal law that the more loving you are, the more intelligent you become. When we become more loving, we will find the answers to our problems.

We will create small communities of interdependence and once again live in close intimacy with Mother Earth, treating her as sacred. We will no longer feel driven to buy things and keep ourselves isolated and protected; rather, we will create things and realise that love is the only true currency of any value. Whatever we do, we will do it out of highest love, and this love will create a real paradise on Earth.

Though this vision may seem far-fetched and idealistic right now, in the future, it will simply be the way things are. I know this in my heart, and know that it will come about through shifting the consciousness of humanity from mind to heart and from moving into a higher dimension with Mother Earth. This is our human destiny, if we are to stay here on planet Earth. There really is no other way. Now is the time to let your imagination soar and to trust what your heart is telling you about what is possible.”

Best wishes, Leonie
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Mumzy singlo

PostPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:51 am    Post subject: Economics from the heart Reply with quote

The Boston Globe called the MacArthur Award-winning economist Nancy Folbre "a feminist outlaw challenging the orthodoxy in a discipline shaped almost entirely by men." The Washington Post Book World said she "is always a provocative analyst of important social problems." With The Invisible Heart, Folbre's thinking and agenda for change are distilled into what Library Journal describes as a "readable, well-documented, and thought-provoking" book. Written in a lively, personal style that Booklist finds "very accessible," The Invisible Heart is a pioneering reevaluation of the competitive market that explains why Adam Smith's invisible hand, if it reaches too far, can undermine the "invisible heart"—the values of love, reciprocity, and obligation on which our families and communities depend. Folbre addresses a basic problem in our society: balancing economic pursuits with care for others. The Invisible Heart outlines strategies for developing an economic system that rewards both individual achievement and care for others.

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Brian Chance

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome back Leonie. I have just been re-reading on this forum your exchanges with Joseph Milne in 'Karl Polanyi Extracts'. We seem to be at a point of departure in human affairs and there is a great opportunity to restore justice to economics so that it works once again for the common good. The feminine virtues seem to be founded on love and perhaps the best way for the masculine virtues to join in partnership is through the love of truth.
The fundamental truth of economics is that Mother Earth provides amply for all her inhabitants and there is a growing recognition that the bounty is not being shared fairly. A change of hearts and minds is needed to restore the idea of working for the common good and this is a new opportunity to explain the failure of current economic principles.
Polanyi and others have demonstrated that the commodification of labour, land and money, leading to the idea of self-regulating markets is a flouting of natural law resulting in inequality and continually increasing debt which cannot continue indefinitely.
As you know, my starting point for the necessary change is the recovery of the economic rent of land as the source of government revenue. You will have other practical proposals which I hope will be made known on the forum.
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Daniel Jorden

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The authenticity is that unprocessed industrialized congregation is no longer the most important foundation of economic movement and affluence.
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