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Steve Allpress

Joined: 07 Oct 2016
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Location: United Kingdom

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 1:24 pm    Post subject: Question to forum Reply with quote

Hello all,

In our Philosophy classes people often have items of interest that they wish to share with the group however email circulation can be very cumbersome.

The items are regarding Modern Western Philosophy however whether they have any relevance to the Advaita is questionable.

Would you have any objection to using this forum for such postings.

Several examples follow:-

Einsteins thoughts on Religion and Science --

Wisdom and the ageing brain - some neuroscience observations --

Comments on the "meaning" of time --

Philosophers Sam Harris and David Chalmers discuss the nature of consciousness

Notification of exhibition -- Body, Mind and Meditation in Tantric Buddhism --

Willem Kuyken Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Oxford, and Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre -- The Benefits of Mindfulness --

Neuroscientist and Psychologist Dr. Richard J. Davidson -- Being Conscious. The Science of Mindfulness --

As can be seen the links cover a range of topics that would broadly fit under the umbrella of Modern Western Philosophy but may not be suitable for this forum.

Your suggestions as to how best to deal with these links would be greatly appreciated.

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David A Taylor

Joined: 20 Aug 2015
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Location: Penang, Malaysia

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Steve

Sorry that no one has responded to your post so far, it certainly deserves a response. Perhaps the very wide range of the materials you list is a little overwhelming and perhaps those reading it are more humble than me who ventures to reply?

You say above.....whether they have any relevance to Advaita is questionable? I would say that it is always good to question and at the same time of course they must have relevance to Advaita.

All the references you give relate to the quest for true knowledge and understanding. They demonstrate a fundamental aspect of Advaita that everyone in essence is Sat Chit Ananda; Consciousness, Knowledge and Bliss without limit. The large is never satisfied by the small and no man is fully satisfied until he realises his full potential.

I have found that study of Advaita and the Upanishads expands my appreciation of all true lines of enquiry and that Truth has limitless ways of being expressed. All these expressions will have a common ground of Unity with greater Love and Understanding for all beings.

Good luck with your enquiry and I hope that my meager response may give some encouragement for your studies.

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