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The Prevarication of Poetic Appreciation - Joydev Nandi

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Joydev Nandi

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2013 12:05 am    Post subject: The Prevarication of Poetic Appreciation - Joydev Nandi Reply with quote

The Prevarication of Poetic Appreciation
Joydev Nandi. Re- Discovering Poetry. SES: 20-10-2013.

Is not Poetry like a lascivious mistress, just to be loved
And not to be judged ,
Just like the three Graces, CBC*, three in One
Do you not think, we are in need of a new paradigm shift
When appreciating Poetry?
Good Poetry, just like the American Tomahawk Missiles,
Does shatter the shackles of the soul and the walls
Of its miserable prison of human meanness and prejudice.
Does it not refresh those parts of the brain and the body
And the toes even of the techies
Never ever been reached even by that most potent of brands,
Heineken the beer-merchant in centuries?

Is it not said that the Poets
Do not like to be understood
And that famous physicist, a polymath and a poet, Richard Feynman
Did he not echo that sentiment over and over again.
And even that poet, Tagore, that greatest of the greats
Who although lamented that the self- same Universe
Being perceived in trillions of different ways
By billions of different humans,
In terms of names and forms,
Inner essence, reality and beauty and love,
More often than not;
Also, lamented about those Professors of Ignorance
Babbling and bubbling with all those clever words
And absolute correctness,
Mutilating his songs and poems –
Albeit, verily, with very good intent.

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong,
Doing a little bit of air-brushing,
Or slightly uplifting that taut tighty whities
Or that naughty hugging skirt
May help a-leering the tennis player’s beauty or the butt;
But never ever flirt
With wielding the surgeon’s knife stitching deep inside
The flesh and the skins
For a deeper understanding
Only leading
To insanity.

Isn’t it true that those who can hear
The message is clear, absolutely clear
Do you not really do poets and their poems and their writings
A heinous wrong-doing
When your own heart is unable to bring
As much charity, beauty, clarity and longing
As with what they sing.

Do you not really think it very unwise to excessively analyse
Or the mumbo-jumbo, the wisdom-mongering
The Fiddle-de-dum, Cheap-a-dee-doo-dah, or the FGM^
Of niggling understanding!
The politicians or the philosophers shuffling vigorously
With those nonsense syllables, struggling for purpose and meaning
Sounding often like that of an innocent self-certification
Of a mortgage application
Of a poor state- welfare -benefit –claimant in hock
To the Northern Rock,
Or, the innocence pleas of our MPs when caught for fiddling expenses
For graphic research, translation, charitable donation and services.

Aren’t even the holiest of codes and words
Unrooted in the deep characters of the listeners or the speakers
Often turn into absolute evils and unmitigated disasters.
Who decides the meaning of an action or of a word
Even The Buddha never wanted to speak even after The Realisation
At least for a week.
And those 20 Buddhas preceding Him did never ever speak!
Is it not said that “Thereof one must be silent,
Where of one cannot speak”.

If I may add to this poetic appreciation
Parodying also from a few lines of Feynman
Am I the truth incarnate, the purity, the renunciation
Am I the creator, the final frontier
Standing at the sea, watching the life of the ocean waves
Hearing the kissing and the hissing of the Nothingness
That hidden soul of all creations,
Wondering at the wonders
Or am I just a universe of atoms,
Or just an atom in the Universe.

Who am I, that prods me to judge, to do “hocus- pocusing”
“Oh ! What a tangled web we weave”, when we first start lying.
Isn’t it true that Hell is paved with even more solid excuses
Holy or dogmatic knowledgeism or good intentions
Isn’t it also true that Heaven is painted with open opinionism
And true discussions
And not for nothing, didn’t that poet John Donne once
Shouted out loud during intermissions
Shut up your gob ye, a man or a madam,
Let me love; Quod Erat Demonstrandum.
And finally, finally, L & G**, had not even that God
Once opined that that Judgement is Mine And thus also again QEDing .

[Joydev Nandi] 710--03112013

*[ Charm, Beauty, Creativity]
^ [ Female genital mutilation]
** [ Ladies & Gentlement ] ^^[google]

Did He not come and said:
"Forgive everyone
Love each and everybody
Detox your mind and body
Purge that spot of nasty poison from your heart-"
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Alan Edward Roberts

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Joydev for posting this life-and-poetry-affirming contribution.

I think you have successfully avoided (to use your evocative phrase) any "wisdom-mongering".

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