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Leonie Humphreys

Joined: 23 Sep 2008
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Location: West Dorset, UK

PostPosted: Mon May 11, 2009 12:07 pm    Post subject: 3 GREATEST OBSTACLES TO RECOVERY & BATTLE FOR IDEAS Reply with quote

The Times newspaper has invited proposals concerning:

“the 3 greatest obstacles to Britain’s economic recovery” at:

The first serious responses will receive free tickets to an international discussion “Battle of Ideas” on 16th May:

Information regarding Battle of Ideas:

‘This summit is an opportunity to engage in a public discussion about the economic crisis with leading economists, political commentators, business people and policy makers. With the emphasis on public debate rather than behind-closed-doors diplomacy, the event will start a conversation to move us beyond political soundbites and help us get to grips with the political and economic battles ahead. Gordon Brown and Barack Obama may not be there, but the opinion formers of tomorrow will be. Will you?

Now the dust has settled on the G20 London Summit, the economic reality remains: bankruptcies and unemployment are set to rise to the highest levels since the Great Depression. For all the talk about international co-operation, upbeat predictions about improving financial systems, and open markets versus protectionist measures, the recession still digs deep, and solutions are still contested, indeed contradictory.

Too often such disputes, whether about regulation, liquidity or state bail-outs, are reduced to technical discussions, confined to world leaders and financial gurus. While the G20 as an event attracted maximum media attention, its debates and conclusions too frequently felt like communiqués from above, with the world’s citizens reduced to spectators on the sidelines.

The recession has enormous political and social ramifications for all of us. It needs to become a focus of public discussion, but popular involvement seems confined instead to lacklustre demonstrations or lobbing insults, sometimes bricks, at bankers, financial institutions and even economic growth itself. In contrast, this is a public summit that means business – a public discussion with leading political and economic thinkers.’

Please feel free to discuss any of this under this topic.
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Richard Glover

Joined: 29 Sep 2008
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Location: Ealing, London, UK

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2009 10:39 am    Post subject: Missed, but... Reply with quote

Although the deadline has passed, the question still seems to be worth addressing. For an opening, my 3 are:

1) Prevailing misunderstanding of just economic principles in the nation, from the general public, through to the media, and finally to those in positions of public and private responsibility who are undertaking decisions that affect the lives of people in the nation and beyond.

2) A taxation system that is a ramshackle assortment of desparate measures introduced over history. This is an innevitable consequence of problem 1. What we currently have defies understanding, distorts the economy, rewards a few and penalizes many (especially those who work).

3) A loss of sense of community, society or any collective greater than me. "If I can gain (viz. corporation profits, higher rents, or shirking work), then it is ok". One persons gain in this way is another person's loss. If we could begin to work for the greater good, those traditionally down-trodden sections of the community may be helped.
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