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General Forum Rules for this Forum
Sponsored by the School of Economic Science

First of all, welcome to this forum. It is the objective of this Forum to be a meeting place for all members of the School of Economic Science (SoES), its branches in the United Kingdom and for all Schools of other nations, affiliated with SoES. The Administrators and Moderators of this Forum also welcome all other contributors that have a sincere interest in the subjects under consideration. The purpose of the Forum is to help promote the study of natural laws governing the subject matter of the Forum and thereby advance the public benefit. As with all forums, there are rules that all members are expected to follow. Before you enter the forum and register to become a member, please read and follow the rules of the forum set out below.

Special points of Contact on this Forum
The technical administrator is Site Admin and each Forum will have a moderator who will be displayed on the Forum Index (Home page).

The structure of this forum
The top level is Category of forum (for example Important Matters or Study Group Forums). Next under Category are one or more Forums (there may be an unlimited number). Note that a Category or a Forum may only be created by an Administrator of this Forum. Next under a named Forum are Topics of which there may be zero or an unlimited number. Each Topic is a new subject matter and it would be helpful if members creating a new topic would take care to describe that new subject matter clearly when entering text into the Subject field. Members may post new Topics in a Forum and add a further reply Message/Post to an existing Topic. Note that a Topic posting and a number of reply Message/Posts to it are often referred to as a discussion thread within a named Forum. It is important that members of the Forum take care when adding a reply Message/Post to a Topic that their message is relevant to the subject being discussed in that thread. If a memberís message/post is a genuine new post on a new subject then it is proper to post a NewTopic. However, it is helpful if the NewTopic message is particularly clear when it explores the new subject so as to lead the discussion in this thread.

General Forum Rules of this Forum

1) The forum Administrator will not accept anonymous posting to this forum. Please register a Username like John Smith (ie with your real first name and last name separated with a space) or John C Smith (where a middle initial was added because another John Smith wished to register and another had already used this Username and the Username must be unique). Note that if a further John C Smith wished to register then John C2 Smith as a username would make the Username unique again. In general, the above is a simple way to avoid the use of anonymous aliases used as the Username. Where your first and last names would prove difficult for you to use then a shortened Username may be used as long as you fill out the Signature box in your profile with your full, real first and last names. There are 255 characters available in the Signature field! Note that you must keep the box (Attach signature) ticked when you make a post so that a line and your signature text are appended to your message. It is an obvious corollary that creating multiple Usernames for yourself by disguising your real identity is not acceptable.

2) Copyrighted material. Do not infringe another persons copyright without permission. If you do briefly quote another persons work please give the proper credit to the originator, by naming the source precisely, giving the URL, email address, full book or academic paper reference and generally following the MLA (Modern Language Association (see or A.P. style guidelines for scholarly publishing.

3) It is important to maintain a civil and courteous tone in your message posts. The Administrators and Moderators of this Forum will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or deliberately mischievous or inflammatory posts. Please do not use text-speak (i.e. b4 for before) and please proof read your message before submitting it. It may help if you use a word processor with a spell checker and then cut and paste the text into your message. There is no objection to good humoured banter where appropriate. Please avoid meaningless messages of just a few words which are cryptic in their meaning, be clear and explicit.

4) Email and PM Private Message system. Please do not use these systems to spam other members of this Forum.

5) Removal of unacceptable messages. The Administrators and Moderators of this Forum reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice. Generally, postings that have no relevance to the subject under consideration in the Topic thread or a new Topic unrelated to the forum subject, also will be removed. While these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate every possibility. Consequently the Administrators and Moderators of this Forum reserve the right to take any action deemed appropriate to ensure that this Forum is not disrupted or abused in any way.
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